About us

It was originally decided in a rather bad hotel (Almondsbury Interchange Hotel Bristol) whilst talking with a few fellow Amiga enthusiasts that were visiting Bristol for a SWAG meet and we wondered why the North west – particular Yorkshire region didn’t have any active groups or meets.

There’s successful meets in other areas of England so why not us! Back in the 00s Huddersfield was host to alt-woa and the Huddersfield Amiga group which people traveled from all over the world to visit.

I travel far to visit of SWAG and RHAG on a regular basis which are 100 to 200+ miles away and kept seeing familiar faces and later found out they are also Yorkshire based with a similar dilemma. So we took the initiative to create the Yorkshire Amiga group.

A partnership with some of the best Amiga groups in the country and a large amount of community support.

The Team

Mike Nicholson – Facebook/Site/Sheffield

Francis Cain – Event organizer Lancashire

Nick Lines – Event organiser Leeds

Team Members, Duncan Woodward,James Zeun (LAG), Dave Rowland (SWAG)

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Yorkshire Amiga team and contributing to shaping future events and plans, we warmly welcome volunteers. Simply inform us of your skills and interests, and we’ll gladly involve you in the club’s organisational activities!

We aim to bring Amiga enthusiasts together to network, help each other have fun and also and enjoy a mutual interest.